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Ingenious Story.


Every brand has its own unique history, small events intertwining into the maze of inspiration, dreams seeing the light of day and creative sparks igniting.

The story of Ingenious began 5 years ago on a family trip to the USA. Strolling past a local store in Miami, Emma noticed a beautiful necklace in the front window. The artistry, the intricate detailing and the contemporary elegance of the piece were exquisitely fresh, something you couldn’t find in the UK at that time.

“Ever since I bought the necklace, people kept telling me they loved it and would always ask where they could buy something similar. It gave me an idea…”

The necklace became the cornerstone for the first ever Ingenious collection.



Featured Products:

Ingenious rose gold antique circle drop necklace

Ingenious silver bracelet with open pave circle

“I had a tin can full of jewellery that I had collected from all around the world. I took it everywhere I went. I would sell the jewellery to parents at my children’s school, and to my friends and family. I think I still have that tin can hidden away somewhere. Since then it has all been one amazing adventure. I have built a whole company around my passion for design. ”

The inspiration for the name Ingenious was drawn from Emma’s daughters.

“It’s my children’s initials put together.”

The big break came when Emma’s husband scheduled her first appointment with an owner of a small boutique in Stanmore.

And the rest, as they say, is history, full of inspiration and creative ventures.

When inspiration strikes, Emma crafts it into a story. She captures the spark, builds it into her scrap-book and lets her mind unfold into an exquisite collection pieced together story after story.

“You can’t rush a collection: when I find my first piece, I take as long as it needs to place, create and embellish my ’story’ until it’s perfect.”  

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