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Ingenious Style Guide. The Key to Successful Layered Look

Ever wondered what are the latest jewellery trends and how to take those looks from catwalk to reality? We have put together an iridescent edition of our favourite pieces styled to perfection according to most current fashion rules. Today we are drawing inspiration from one of our favourite fashion bloggers and stylists – Kelly Framel.

When talking jewellery trends, one instantly springs to mind – layering. Beautiful delicate strands of glistering gold, intricate pendants – anything you can only imagine thrown on together to achieve that glamourous but at the same time understated look. Although it seems straight-forward it is not as easy as it sounds!

To start select pieces with similar shapes and elements: a solitaire crystal, a circular pendant and even a similar chain detail can become a first brushstroke on the canvas of your look.

Ingenious Styling Guide: Necklace layering

Products featured:

Necklace with single cubic zirconia stone,

Necklace with large pave circle,

Necklace with Italian beads and clear stones

Don’t be afraid to mix minimalist designs with slightly more intricate pieces – the contrast can add a chic and slightly dramatic character. When doing so, make sure jewels selected compliment each-other: stick to the same colour palette of semi-precious stones and metals, try to select pendants of similar size, keep the rest of your look clean and simple and don’t forget to have fun, after all, rules are meant to be broken.


Products featured:

Antique circle drop necklace

Necklace with pave ovals and diamond-by-the-yard design


For more inspiration and truly amazing style visit Kelly’s blog.


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